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Five keys to happiness

Most people in today’s society seem to be working tremendously hard at finding happiness. The problem is that happiness has been replaced by pleasure. Happiness is a condition of our Spiritual Nature and pleasure is a condition of our Human Nature. Happiness is our spiritual inheritance and can be accomplished by changing our perception and merely looking at life differently. This can be achieved through the actualization of the following five steps:

1. Don’t Act; BE!

Most of us have, at some level, been coerced into becoming a sort of chameleon. Because the person we have become is in direct opposition to who we really are, we are constantly in discord with ourselves. Find the person you are by being the person you would deeply wish to be and let the chips fall. When we are being our true selves we will eventually attract people who like us. This will allow us to build a support system necessary to lead us to our ultimate potential.

2. Don’t Try; DO!

Trying is prearrangement for failure. Trying is not 100%. Doing is 100%. All experiences are implanted with lessons and for the lesson to be extracted our full effort must be expended. If the lesson is not extracted from the experience similar experiences continue to develop in our lives until the lesson has been fully extracted; thus déjà vu.

3. Don’t Fear; LOVE!

There is only one true feeling; that feeling is love. The conflicting feeling to love is fear and fear is nothing but a lack created by the absence of love. Fear is to love as shadow is to light. When we live with fear in our life, we are living in an illusion that darkness is self-standing and this illusion is both erroneous and dissolves happiness.

4. Don’t Whine; PRAISE!

It is said we should love our neighbor as ourselves, yet this is only a partial truth. The whole truth is that we cannot love anyone dissimilar to ourselves. Our world mirrors that which is within us; not the opposite, as believed by most people. Hatred begets hatred and love begets love. When we praise others we are actually nurturing ourselves.

5. Don’t Make; LET!

Everyone is naturally predisposed for success. When we are busy making life happen we are forcing the Universe contrary to itself. Our feeble attempt to control the Universe would be harder than stopping the earth from rotating. When we align ourselves to the Universe we empower ourselves beyond imagination guaranteeing our success in achieving our ultimate potential.

When we become who we were meant to be, stop trying and start doing, live confidently in love instead of uncertain in fear, praise our world for it’s contributions instead of whining about it’s lack and letting the Universe support us in achieving our Heart’s Desire we will find happiness beyond our wildest dream.

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