Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit 





God's grace cannot enter our lives until we surrender. There is only room for one captain at the helm at any one given time. Man was given dominion over the planet and must yield to God to allow God's love to manifest in our lives. We must ask through prayer and meditation to become aware of God's power and the willingness to partner with whatever loving universal power we chose.

As God is all knowledge we must continue exerting maximum energy in trying to understand God. Most of us have been brought up with a differentiating idea of God. It has taken years for me to replace a punishing God with a God of grace, or unconditional love.

There are three forms of consciousness, conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious. We must stay conscious to become aware. Most people live in a state of automatic in a constant sub-conscious condition. The primary problem with spending too much time in the sub-conscious is super-conscious can only be utilized in the conscious mind. 

When one has made conscious and super-conscious contact with God an aura surrounds them. This aura is often called confidence. Confidence is no more than having an unshakeable faith in God's plan and the assurance that God loves us.

Enthusiasm is the passion that co-exists with confidence. Enthusiasm is attitude depicting a positive love for life and an assurance of God's love. Enthusiasm is always positive and God is always positive. Enthusiasm is God's love expressed. 

Without a support system all the greatness in the world will be eroded by the negative energy associated with a society living in automatic. Support also correlates with synergy in that the more positive, success minded people that come together grow intuition exponentially. 

When we see the oneness of the universe we see our interconnectedness. When we become selfless or see what we can do for the betterment of the universe and not only our selfish needs. Selflessness separates us from our Ego and binds us to the infinite.

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