Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit 





As the world is struggling to find ways to cure illness or dis-ease, through Pathology, or the study of illness, I am confident we are on the wrong path to wellness. I am a front line, pioneer in the field of Apithology or the study of health. As the mind is the computer that runs the body, it would seem obvious that staying healthy in mind, body and spirit would allow the body to do what the body was designed to do.

There is a metaphysical law that states, "that which we fight, we empower." This law shows why the more we fight disease the more powerful disease becomes. The more we focus on health, the healthier we become. As a metaphysical psychologist, I am an enthusiastic proponent of perfect health. 

I am an emotional, out of the box speaker and workshop facilitator. I have been told that my enthusiasm is captivating. I bring a new twist to old beliefs and I beg everyone to question what they know. Everyone should ask a question that was tattooed on the inside of his brain at birth; "WHY." my message, although controversial, makes sense. And shouldn't life make sense? Because I am a student of my message, and not merely an "expert," I am constantly researching to find ways to meet and exceed my and my clients needs.

Whether you are looking for someone to inspire, motivate or educate, I am an exceptional group stimulator. Knowing is never the answer as knowledge seems to have an expiration date on it. Subjects such as Change, Thought, Inspiration, Overcoming Adversity, Oneness and Leadership, are just a few of my discourses, or I like to call my rants.
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