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Todd Kramer, US Army Retired, Nacogdoches, TX

I have known Randy for over 10 years and in that time he has served many roles in my life to include mentor, life coach, spiritual advisor and friend. Through the years, due to a tour to Iraq and life in general, I was deprived our “one on one” time, and as a result, life seemed to lose meaning and structure. Randy has taught me that a life based on cosmic law and simple spiritual principles leads to an unlimited supply of grace, serenity and freedom. We have recently been reacquainted, after a 3 year absence, and I’ve started to re-kindle my “hearts desire”! I am forever in his debt and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jim Boehnlein, Surprise, AZ
I met Randy through another organization about 5 yrs ago. Impressed by his energy and what I'd heard when Randy was called upon to speak for a few minutes; I thought to myself, this man would be a great mentor - life coach for myself. Following the meeting, he introduced himself and we agreed to meet one on one to explore if our goals and personalities were sufficiently compatible for Randy to become my life coach. They were, and its been an exciting life changing - life improving experience these past 5 years! Randy's on going positive influence filters through both my personal and business life and has given me valuable input in my overall decision making processes. At age 58, soon to be 59, I can count on one hand the number of people who truly influenced my life. Randy Ek is on that very short but very important list of individuals that made a significant contribution to my life.

Marc Crowe, Sunnyvale, CA

Randy changed my life. His ability to see through my confusion and give me clarity on my relationships, my career and my thinking. The only thing in life I can control is my thoughts and actions, which I first heard from Randy. We worked hard together for many years and the life that I have today is without a doubt a life I would have never had without his help. Randy Loved me life a Father.......I will forever be grateful.

Ron Slusher, Big Fork, MT

What a guy Randy is. Seems to always know the solution to things of the heart. At one of my low points a few years ago he helped bring me back into the solution which for me is always spiritual. He guided me to the solution by suggesting that I broaden my perspective on spiritual matters.

Bryan Sharp, Helena MT

Long before Randy and I became friends I would sit and listen to him and not really understand what he was saying. Then one day, I understood. Randy was encouraging me to value my time and pay attention. I thought I was, but discovered otherwise. His influence over my distorted thinking has helped transform my daily existence into daily living. I am happier in a contented way not an erratic way. Randy is responsible for helping me to "see" my life better.

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